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Click to Chat : How to open WhatsApp chat from website button

If you want to have a “chat” button on your website which on Android mobile will directly start the Whatsapp application and send a predefined message to predefined contact number, just copy paste the below lines where ever you need. a href="" class="applyinfo-btn">start chat ...Read More

Script to create Android Application Icons

On Linux/Ubuntu, run below script as, $ image.png ————————————————————————————- #!/bin/sh #argument image should be with png format #cleanup previous icons DIR_TO_SAVE_ICONS=$PWD/android_icons rm -rf $DIR_TO_SAVE_ICONS ICON_NAME=$1 #take icon name as first argument echo “Creating android icons of different dimensions for $ICON_NAME” mkdir -p $DIR_TO_SAVE_ICONS/drawable-xxxhdpi/ ...Read More