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Remove all mistyped emails, unsubscribed emails or bounced emails from Email List

We assume, we have following 3 files, 1. all-exported-emails.txt => this file contains list of all the emails as people have entered in subscribe form. 2. unsubscribed.txt => contains list of emails of people unsubscribed 3. bounced.txt => contains list of emails which we ...Read More

Connect to WiFi Access from command line in ubuntu / Linux without network manager using nmcli

vim $ bash scanning… * SSID MODE CHAN RATE SIGNAL BARS SECURITY myaccesspoint_name Infra 1 54 Mbit/s 62 ▂▄▆_ WPA1 WPA2 — Infra 8 54 Mbit/s 27 ▂___ WPA2 Device ‘wlan0’ successfully activated with ‘some-UUID’. done ...Read More