fix yocto QA Issue : ” was already stripped, this will prevent future debugging ! “

If your are compiling a yocto rootfs and at the very end of compilation, you might face an QA error while creating the final rootfs, which could look like below,

 ERROR: QA Issue: File '/usr/lib/' from qwt was already stripped, this will prevent future debugging! [already-stripped]

To fix this error, Add INSANE_SKIP_${PN}_append = “already-stripped” to your local.conf file,
where ${PN} is the associated package name.

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Hence a fix to above error will look like addition of following line to local.conf

INSANE_SKIP_qwt_append = “already-stripped”

or echo “INSANE_SKIP_qwt_append = \”already-stripped\”” >> conf/local.conf

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