Submit your website to Bing Search Engine with Bing Webmaster

To submit your website to Microsoft Bing search engine, so that people can find your website when then visit Bing, mostly using Microsoft Edge browser and on Windows, you need to register to Bing webmaster tools website. Visit and click on SignIn, you can choose to join using Google gmail login as, Once signin, … Read more

How to register your website with Microsoft Clarity ?

Visit and click on “Sign In” , there you will get three options as below for automated signin here, you can choose to select “Sign in to Google” if you already have gmail account. Once you are able to signin, you will see page opened, where you can see the “Add New Project” … Read more

Top Free websites to share PowerPoint presentation online

When you want to share your business or technical presentations online, there are few ways to do this in free ways. We will list those free websites in this post. Speaker Deck Speaker Deck is the best way to share presentations online. Simply upload your slides as a PDF, and this website turn them into … Read more

How to restore WordPress website stuck in maintenance ?

Just sometime back, we tried to update our website’s plugin, since we logged into our dashboard after long time.. so, when we clicked “update now” for all the plugin, somehow our connection got timed out, and website got stuck with the message, “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” but since our … Read more

How to disable terminal alert / tab sound in Ubuntu ?

If you are used to work on Ubuntu terminal extensively and when you type initial letters of some commands on terminal and press TAB to type the rest of command, when there are more similar commands present, you will hear the TAB press sound ( i.e. terminal alert sound ) on Ubuntu. This may be … Read more

How to record Ubuntu Desktop to save as Video ?

If you are looking for sharing some errors / warnings with developers, the best way is to reproduce the steps and share the video.. If you are using Ubuntu, and want to record your screen or alternatively can be called as capture your screen to save as video, you can do it in two ways.. … Read more

What are the minimum requirements to earn money on YouTube ?

If you have ever thinking of earning money from YouTube, you must be knowing these minimum things you should be doing or planning so you can start earning money from youtube video’s. You should create your own channel on YouTube. Your Video contents should be unique, some creative and user engaging so people should like … Read more

How to redirect subfolder of a domain to subdomain ?

Recently when we migrate one of our website from one hosting provider to another hosting provider, we decided that we should move only few subdomains of the main website to second hosting provider and continue for few subdomains with existing hosting provider. One major thing during this migration, we wanted to do is convert the … Read more

How to use domain name instead of public DNS / IP in Amazon Linux EC2 instance ?

In this post, we will describe how you can use the domain name like instead of Amazon public IPv4 address or public ipv4 DNS urls like … 1. Login to your AWS console. 2. From dashboard, left sidebar , goto “Network & Security” and click on “Elastic IPs” 3. click on “Allocate Elastic … Read more