Bash Scripting : Tricks and examples

Get Input from user : Reference :

# This script will test if you have given a leap year or not.

echo "Type the year that you want to check (4 digits), followed by [ENTER]:"

read year

if (( ("$year" % 400) == "0" )) || (( ("$year" % 4 == "0") && ("$year" % 100 !=
"0") )); then
  echo "$year is a leap year."
  echo "This is not a leap year."

2) Removing Carriage Return & Line Feed from string :

String=$(echo $String | tr -d 'n' | tr -d 'r')

3) How to set a BASH variable equal to the output from a command?

var=$(ls -l)
var=`ls -l`

Reference :  How to set a BASH variable equal to the output from a command?

4) Return Values from Bash Functions : Reference 4) Problem accessing a global variable from within a while loop -

5) Proper ways to use CURL POST in json string :

curl -i 
-H "Accept: application/json" 
-H "Content-Type:application/json" 
-X POST --data '{"account":{"email":"'"$email"'","screenName":"'"$screenName"'","type":"'"$theType"'","passwordSettings":{"password":"'"$password"'","passwordConfirm":"'"$password"'"}},"firstName":"'"$firstName"'","lastName":"'"$lastName"'","middleName":"'"$middleName"'","locale":"'"$locale"'","registrationSiteId":"'"$registrationSiteId"'","receiveEmail":"'"$receiveEmail"'","dateOfBirth":"'"$dob"'","mobileNumber":"'"$mobileNumber"'","gender":"'"$gender"'","fuelActivationDate":"'"$fuelActivationDate"'","postalCode":"'"$postalCode"'","country":"'"$country"'","city":"'"$city"'","state":"'"$state"'","bio":"'"$bio"'","jpFirstNameKana":"'"$jpFirstNameKana"'","jpLastNameKana":"'"$jpLastNameKana"'","height":"'"$height"'","weight":"'"$weight"'","distanceUnit":"MILES","weightUnit":"POUNDS","heightUnit":"FT/INCHES"}' ""

Reference :

6) Run curl from .sh script with defined Content-Type

Reference :

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