Best Free websites for Source Code Management, Website hosting & Documentation

Are you looking for some Free, Cool tools for managing your source code, want to hosting your website or have some documentation / write-ups to note ? You have reached a right post 🙂 check below some one the cool online tools,

Source Code Management

  1. Github – github allows you to create as many source repositories for any software you want. This is built to use git, which itself is one of the best tool for managing offline source and tracking the changes. The only limitation of github is that you can’t create private repositors for Free, but there is a paid service for that which you can opt if you want.
    Check github website.
  2. Bitbucket – now with bitbucket, you get all above features as github added to creating your own private repositors, but still github is the most popular website for source code management due to its easy fork & tracking public repositors into your own account.
    check bitbucket webiste.

Website Hosting

Apart from Creating a blog on wordpress or blogspot which are free for website hosting, the biggest advantage you get with is you can code all the html/css or other web softwares as you want and host for Free to give your own look & feel. is currently mostly used by developers who wants to do some online expriments. Building website with github is very easy since it hosts the code into your github account. Check website.


GitBook is a modern publishing toolchain. Making both writing and collaboration easy. gitbook is based on git and can be used to write your official documentation for any of your opensource software or for writing books, research papers. Similar to github with gitbook, if you want your work to be private you can use the paid service. Check gitbook website.

That’s it what we know, if you know something which we are missing do comment here, as well as Share the post with your developer friend. Enjoy 🙂

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