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How to install Android NDK on Ubuntu 16.04

To install and configure the NDK, follow these steps: Download android ndk suitable for your platform from http://developer.android.com/ndk/downloads/index.html $ mkdir ~/myndk $ cd ~/myndk $ wget -c https://dl.google.com/android/repository/android-ndk-r16b-linux-x86_64.zip Now extract the zip as, $ unzip android-ndk-r16b-linux-x86_64.zip This will extract as “Extracting¬† android-ndk-r10e” into folder...Read More

How to compile native C library and native C program as part of Android AOSP’s external directory using Android.mk makefile

To compile any c library inside android, we need to write an Android.mk makefile, for reference please check below, 1. mkdir external/mysource 2. cd external/mysource 3. vim Android.mk To compile as Shared Library, LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir) include $(CLEAR_VARS) LOCAL_SRC_FILES := library_source.c LOCAL_C_INCLUDES :=$(LOCAL_PATH)...Read More