adb pull – Command to copy files from Android device

As we have seen in our last post, you can use “adb push” to copy files from your desktop to Android device, now in this post we will show the commands necessary to do opposite of that i.e copy files from Android device to your desktop. adb pull is mostly required when you take some … Read more

adb push – Command to push files to Android device

When you are actively working on Android development, one this you will frequently need is to copy some kind of files like test binaries, sample files etc to your android device. The best and fastest way to copy your small files to Android is to use “adb push” command. [ You can find lot of … Read more

How to recreate dts file from a live device ?

Sometimes it happens that you don’t have source code of the device on which you are working but want to know some kernel configurations or peripheral mappings etc in those case’s Linux kernel provides good insight through /proc filesystem. In this post also, we will try to showcase how you can regenerate dts file from … Read more

Solved: System.out: android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException

In Android application, if you are doing some network operations like download from some external website or share some data with someone etc, and if by unknowingly if we tries to do such network calls on any activities main thread, Android reports an “network on main thread” exception errors as below, System.out: android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException System.out: at … Read more

adb reboot – Restart your Android device from host

If you want to restart/reboot your Android device connected over adb shell, you can do the the same using “adb reboot” command from Linux/Windows host machine. The Simple “adb reboot” command just restarts your Android mobile/device. Android also supports other options as, $ adb reboot Only Restarts your Android device from host. $ adb reboot … Read more

adb reconnect – command to restart connection to android device

As we have seen in previous posts, “adb devices – Android command to list devices connected over USB / Network” adb command on host first starts the adb server and then tries to connect to Android device. As we mentioned in “adb kill-server – Android adb command to kill daemon” in case of some error … Read more

adb kill-server – Android adb command to kill daemon

If you are trying to access your android mobile using “adb shell” command from host, it first starts the adb server daemon on host and then asks user to allow permissions to access device on Android mobile/device with pop-up as, Now, by mistakenly if you didn’t allow the permissions, host command returns with “unathorized” message … Read more