How to use sftp on Ubuntu to transfer files to remote server ?

If you have got an SSH/SFTP access to your remote server, but your server doesn’t support SCP, then you will need to use only SFTP to upload or download files from your remote server. here, lets say you want to upload / transfer README.txt from your /home/myuser/workspace/ to remote host, then first change to this … Read more

How to compile TR-069 Java client Modus-TR-069 on Ubuntu Linux ?

Modus is a Java/OSGi implementation of a generic client for CWMP protocol, i.e. TR-069 standard from Broadband Forum. You can download the code as mentioned at sourceforge website. and you can compile the code as, This will compile the client and generate the binaries as, Now, we will create the final script to run the … Read more