How to recreate dts file from a live device ?

Sometimes it happens that you don’t have source code of the device on which you are working but want to know some kernel configurations or peripheral mappings etc in those case’s Linux kernel provides good insight through /proc filesystem. In this post also, we will try to showcase how you can regenerate dts file from … Read more

Understanding /proc/meminfo – Analyzing Linux memory utilization

/proc/meminfo Provides valuable information about the system’s RAM usage. (utilization of run time memory).  This varies by architecture and compile options.  The following is from a 4GB RAM, 64bit Ubuntu Desktop $ cat /proc/meminfo MemTotal: 4103420 kB MemFree: 449084 kB MemAvailable: 1149688 kB Buffers: 170416 kB Cached: 1031280 kB SwapCached: 0 kB Active: 2808536 kB … Read more