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How to compile dts to dtb from Linux kernel and manually

Lets say, you have been trying to compile Linux kernel source code for Raspberry Pi following steps from “Cross Compilation and Booting of Linux kernel for Raspberry Pi3 – Manual Compilation” although most of the steps remains same in general for other ARM architectures...Read More

How to enable Wifi with yocto

If you want to have WiFi integrated with yocto root filesystem, follow below mentioned steps, Open file, meta-mylayer/images/mydistro-image.bb and add below mentioned line, DISTRO_FEATURES += "wifi" This will add wifi into the root filesystem but unless you have a proper network manager and UI,...Read More

USB – Physical

USB Physical layer and components description USB 1.0 – Low speed –  1.5Mbps USB 1.1 – Full Speed  –   12 Mbps USB 2.0 – High Speed  – 480 Mbps USB 3.0 – Supper Speed – 3.2 Gbps Bus Topology Refer. Sec 4.1.1 – USB...Read More