How to enable DRM driver debug logging in Linux ?

If you are facing some issues with graphics or DRM , display etc.. sometime your may want to enable the DRM drivers all debugging messages so you can narrow down the problems. In Linux the drm kernel drivers source code can be found in drivers/gpu/drm. Enabling verbose debug messages is done through the drm.debug parameter, … Read more

C application to interact with frame buffer devices / Linux test case for framebuffer driver

Screen information are queried by applications using the FBIOGET_FSCREENINFOand FBIOGET_VSCREENINFO ioctls. Those ioctls take a pointer to afb_fix_screeninfo and fb_var_screeninfo structure respectively. struct fb_fix_screeninfo stores device independent unchangeable informationabout the frame buffer device and the current format. Those information can’tbe directly modified by applications, but can be changed by the driver when anapplication modifies the … Read more