How to add Google Analytics to track visitors to website ?

If you are developing a new website or you already have some website and want to know how many visitors are visiting your website daily, How is the user behaviour on your website, how many of them are visiting on mobile and much more questions can be answered once you add tracking code provided by … Read more

How to add Payment Method for Google Adsense Account ?

Google payments are made with 100 USD threshold i.e. Google will pay you amount after around 1 month of reaching 100 USD but once your reach 10$ you will be able to verify your address and also update payment methods for how you want to get paid. Payment Threshold For updating payment method you will … Read more

Supported Files, Formats and Image sizes for Google Adword Ads

If you want to start advertising your business / services by yourself with google adword advertising, you must be knowing that Google predefines and restricts to only certain Image file formats, Size of Images and Resolution of those images so that your Ad reaches to large section of users, and fits to certain widely used … Read more

FAQ : Google Adsense Address Verification in India

When does Google starts the address verification procedure ? Once your account earnings has reached minimum address verification threshold ( which is USD 10$ for India ) Google will request you to upload ID proof (like Aadhar card) from dashboard, once your ID proof has been validated, Google will request you to verify address. For … Read more

How to setup Google Adsense Matched Content on your website ?

From our last post, “What is Google Adsense Matched Content and benefits of using it ?” you might have understood how the matched content could look like and its benefits. WIth this post, we will show how to configure/setup your website with matched content Ad unit. Identify if your website is eligible for matched contents … Read more

What is Google Adsense Matched Content and benefits of using it ?

Matched content is a free recommendation tool offered by google which helps us to promote contents of our own website on to the pages by displaying as contents which meets the interest of our visitors. Matched contents are nothing but some kind of interlinking of our own domain and subdomain contents to create an experience … Read more

How to Register sub-domains with Google AdSense ?

Adsense Subdomain

Google allows you to monetize your websites subdomains as well, provided you have an approval for main domain. Note that, Google only approves main domains during initial approval for adsense, hence make sure for the first approval, your website should have some contents present on the main domain, once you got approval for main domain, … Read more