Testing and Debugging Archive

Analysing Linux memory utilisation using proc meminfo file

/proc/meminfo Provides valuable information about the system’s RAM usage. (utilization of run time memory).  This varies by architecture and compile options.  The following is from a 4GB RAM, 64bit Ubuntu Desktop $ cat /proc/meminfo MemTotal: 4103420 kB MemFree: 449084 kB MemAvailable: 1149688 kB Buffers:...Read More

Debug levels for Linux kernel PrintK

If you have already tried to write the first kernel module from port “Writing first Linux kernel Module and understanding Kernel module compilation, loading and unloading” , you might have seen that in Linux kernel we used “printk” whereas we use “printf” into the...Read More

USB Audio Gadget Driver

Gadget  Audio Gadget Audio implements the USB Audio class, appearing to the host as a soundcard.It receives the PCM stream from host,i.e, a PC, over usb and sends it to the audio codec on board to playback it.Also,it can perform the inverse job for...Read More