Click to Chat : How to open WhatsApp chat from website button

If you want to have a “chat” button on your website which on Android mobile will directly start the Whatsapp application and send a predefined message to predefined contact number, just copy paste the below lines where ever you need. For India, it will be 91 as country code in “phone=”, you can check your … Read more

Adding a Twitter Button and using Twitter Card for tweets

As you know, these days having social media presence is very important for any business or entity. One among that is twitter, which has significant importance if you want to drive traffic to your website and also want to inform the world what you are doing. There are number of ways, one can add a … Read more

Setting full cover image as background in html

Recently, we wanted to set the image as full cover background and this image should remain static as user scrolls the page. This can easily be done using CSS as below,  <html> <style> body, html { background-image: url(‘’); background-attachment: fixed; background-size: cover; } </style> <body> <h1>It works!</h1> <p>This is the default web page for this … Read more

How to integrate and use google fonts into website

To use google fonts into your website / html, you just need to follow below steps, To start with read the google font getting started guide from We will take the same html example as mentioned in getting started guide and modify to change it to various different google fonts, Copy and paster below … Read more

Brackets: Best Html, CSS Editor for 32 / 64 bit Ubuntu / Linux

How to Install Brackets on Ubuntu 1. Download binary for ubuntu $ wget -c You can also download an updated binary from $ sudo dpkg -i Brackets.Release.1.14.64-bit.deb Start Brackets on terminal, $ brackets It will open a IDE, where you can edit the html and for Live preview during continous development, go to … Read more

How to use image placeholders in html

In this post, we will use holder.js javascript to demonstrate how you can use default image placeholders for your website. Holder renders image placeholders entirely in browser. Placeholders can have custom colors, fonts, resizing behavior, and rendering engine (Canvas/SVG). Visit and download holder.js java script and upload to your website or use locally. Include holder.js in … Read more

Online MPEG Dash player / Test mpd audio, video streams

If you are looking for testing your mpeg dash urls using an online player, there are few options, 1. Use our online DASH Player from 2. You can setup your own dash player in local machine using apache server and copying below code into play-dash.html $ cd /var/www/html $ vim play-dash.html Now, open the … Read more

Solved: ERROR: ErrorException : Array to string conversion

We have two websites, one which is developed with open classifieds and another with wordpress, since wordpress is always updating and recent versions of wordpress demands latest php version for security reasons. We had to update our PHP version from 5.6 to 7.0 for wordpress compatibility, but as we updated PHP version, our bootstap based … Read more

How to hide code / Div based on contents in URL using Javascript ?

There are some reasons where you want certain button / image to be hidden for some section of URL’s. For example, we are showing “Publish New Ad” button on one of our website which is visible for all URL’s of a website, and same also becomes visible on “publish-new.html” html page which is opened once … Read more