Google Feed APi & JSON

Using google feed API to download a google alert feed and convert to json

[ note: the below command as is copy paste might now work, after copy paste on terminal, change start quote of https and end quote before test_id to single quote from keyboard. ]

$ curl -e ‘’test_id


Above command returns json like below, [ Note: in above command you can change URL, id i.e. test_id and “num” ( we are using num=1 for testing ]
/* callback */rssReader.parse(‘test_id’, {“feed”:{“feedUrl”:”″,”title”:”Google Alert – agriculture”,”link”:””,”author”:””,”description”:””,”type”:”atom10″,”entries”:[{“title”:”UPDATE 2-US top court rules for California farmers over government raisin program”,”link”:””,”author”:””,”publishedDate”:”Mon, 22 Jun 2015 09:41:15 -0700″,”contentSnippet”:”The U.S. Department of Agriculture program traces its roots to the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act, which was passed in …”,”content”:”The U.S. Department of u003cbu003eAgricultureu003c/bu003e program traces its roots to the u003cbu003eAgriculturalu003c/bu003e Marketing Agreement Act, which was passed in 1937 to control the …”,”categories”:[]}]}}, 200, null, 200)

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