How to install Android NDK on Ubuntu 16.04

To install and configure the NDK, follow these steps:

  1. Download android ndk suitable for your platform from
     $ mkdir ~/myndk 
    $ cd ~/myndk 
    $ wget -c 

    Now extract the zip as,

    $ unzip 

    This will extract as “Extracting  android-ndk-r10e” into folder “android-ndk-r10e” in present directory. When uncompressed, the NDK files are contained in a directory called android-ndk-<version>. You can rename the NDK directory if necessary and you can move it to any location on your computer.

    You are now ready to start working with the NDK.

  2. Export the NDK path into environment variables,
    $ export PATH=$PATH:~/myndk/android-ndk-r16b 

    Check ndk-build is added into environment as,

    $ which ndk-build
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