Initscript for Start and stop of system level background processes (daemons) using start-stop-daemon

The below shell script uses start-stop-daemon from “/sbin/start-stop-daemon” to execute the program during booting so that the process is started boottime. In the below example, DAEMON=$PWD/helloworld.bin shows that our program is helloworld.bin and is located in current directory from where the script is executed.

$ vim 
[bash] #!/bin/sh # Must be a valid filename NAME=helloworld PIDFILE=/var/run/$ #This is the command to be run, give the full pathname DAEMON=$PWD/helloworld.bin DAEMON_OPTS="–baz=quux" export PATH="${PATH:+$PATH:}/usr/sbin:/sbin" case "$1" in start) echo -n "Starting daemon: "$NAME start-stop-daemon –start -m –background –quiet –pidfile $PIDFILE –startas $DAEMON — $DAEMON_OPTS echo "." ;; stop) echo -n "Stopping daemon: "$NAME start-stop-daemon –stop –quiet –oknodo –pidfile $PIDFILE echo "." ;; restart) echo -n "Restarting daemon: "$NAME start-stop-daemon –stop –quiet –oknodo –retry 30 –pidfile $PIDFILE start-stop-daemon –start -m –background –quiet –pidfile $PIDFILE –startas $DAEMON — $DAEMON_OPTS echo "." ;; *) echo "Usage: "$1" {start|stop|restart}" exit 1 esac exit 0 [/bash]

The above script can be executed as “bash start” to start the daemon.

If we want this initscript to be executed everytime during booting sequence, then we need to copy this to /etc/init.d and run the update-rc.d command once as below,

[bash] chmod 777 sudo mv /etc/init.d/start_daemon sudo update-rc.d start_daemon defaults sudo reboot [/bash]

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