Linux and Supported USB devices

Following post describes supported categories of USB devices with Linux kernel (_note_ : its all as per my understanding, may be wrong)
1)  Audio
2)  Video
3)  HID
Reference’s :

4)  Serial ( tty and Modem )

5)  Mass-Storage

6) Camera

Reference’s: USB and digital still cameras

7) Printer and Scanners

8)  Network over USB

9)  Wireless


As per Specification: USB Device Classes

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00 (Defined at Interface level)
01 Audio
02 Communications
03 Human Interface Device
05 Physical Interface Device
06 Imaging
07 Printer
08 Mass Storage
09 Hub
0a CDC Data
0b Chip/SmartCard
0d Content Security
0e Video
dc Diagnostic
e0 Wireless
ef Miscellaneous Device
fe Application Specific Interface
ff Vendor Specific Class

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