Tools for measuring website download / loading speed

The ultimate browsing experience of any website relies upon how fast your website loads.. specially for the developing countries where internet speed is limited. We tried to identify some online tools who can suggest how or website loads and show what is consuming how much time, listed below are some tools,

1) – Just type the URL of your website and click “Start Test”, you dont need to do any registration and you can also select different browsers for the test.

2) Google PageSpeed Insights – Google PageSpeed Insights provides much insights about what are the errors, warning and how to fix those to improve website performance. It provides details for both Mobile and Desktop Version of website. One good feature it has is it automatically fixes some issues and allows you to  Download optimized “image, JavaScript, and CSS resources” for your URL which you can replace with original contents of your website.

3) Uptreands Website Speed Test – uptreands website shows a waterfall of each image, css and html in terms of size for website.

4) Octagate SiteTimer – this website gives the clean view of how long it takes for downloading each file from our website.

5) Firefox web-developer toolbar – Use firefox web developer toolbar to identify which files are consuming more bandwidth for downloading by knowing their sizes. To check the size, first install toolbar, by going to mozilla addon website , search and install “Web Developer Toolbar”, if you are using any other browser, you can download directly from link , once toolbar is installed, open your website in one tab, and in same tab check “Information -> View Document Size” , this will open a new tab and show something like below, which you can explore to check which files are taking longer time for download and proceed for optimising the same.

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Size Uncompressed Size
4 Documents 34 KB 332 KB
8 Images 24 KB 24 KB
0 Objects
19 Scripts 1784 KB 1784 KB
21 Style Sheets 588 KB 588 KB
52 Files 2429 KB 2727 KB

6) Pingdom Website Speed Test – pingdom online tools also shows total page size downloaded, time required,  size per file type and much more other good analysis. You can use this also along with other tools as mentioned above. This is how our website is analysed by pingdom tool.

7) – Varvy gives and excellent representation of report of website analysis with problems. This looks very good website. Check at

In our next post we will check some tricks for optimising the website download speed. Check the post at ” Tricks for optimising website download speed – part 1

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