What is the difference between elfutils and binutils ?

As per wikipedia, elfutils is mentioned as, “Ulrich Drepper wrote elfutils, to replace GNU Binutils, purely for Linux and with support only for ELF and DWARF”

elfutils is a Red Hat project.

There is substantial overlap between elfutils (eu-addr2line, eu-elflint, eu-findtextrel, eu-nm, eu-readelf, eu-size, eu-strip, etc.) and binutils (addr2line, nm, readelf, size, strip, objdump, etc.)

Ulrich Drepper who authored elfutils has mentioned the differences as below,

– the tools in elfutils compared with binutils are a) smaller, b) faster (several times, usually), c) less buggy, d) more featureful
– there are several tools which are not available in binutils which are in (wide) use
– there are several more tools which use the elfutils libraries (systemtap, frysk, …)

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