Getting real-time Indian Agricultural Commodity market rates using Agmarknet API

The Indian government institutes publishes the daily commodity market rates from various markets (Mandi) through Agmarknet Portal and is available for downloading in csv/json from website. The data publishes wholesale maximum price, minimum price and modal price on daily basis for all the commodities trading on daily basis in Indian markets.

For Downloading The data OR accessing API’s open website Link

From Opened link, you will see the tab like below,

If you want to download most recent data one time in CSV or JSON, click on CSV/JSON in front of “EXPORT IN” . Fill the purpose of downloading this resource and click “Submit” .

If you want to develop some kind of solutions around the API’s provided by portal, click on “Data API” and you will be redirected to new API page

Click on Get, and from opened window, click “Try It Out”

Click on Get, and from opened window, click “Try It Out” and you will see an Window opened like below,

From above, Select the type for format you want, i.e. JSON, CSV or XML based on that the response will be returned from server and click “Execute” You will get a response like below. [ Note: We have shown response will by setting limit as 1]

As we can see in Response, it has displayed the Curl HTTP Get request or a browser URL which we can use for getting data.

Note: As we can see in above image, the publicly available API’s use predefined “api-key” which doesn’t allow data more than 10 commodities at one time, if we cant to request more data than this, we will need to get own api-key by registration with portal. Check our post “How to generate API key for accessing opensource data of Government of India” for getting own api-key.

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