How to create process in Linux using fork system call ?

Below is simple process creation program using fork system call, fork return childs process Id in main/parent process and return 0 in child process.

Once the child process is completed, it normally reports its status to the parent process, now if a parent process tries to complete even before child is finished, we need to wait for child process to finish, otherwise parent process will terminate before child finished, resulting child becoming parentless, for which process 0 or init becomes the parent. This process, for whom parent died before its own completion is called “Orphan” process.

int main(int argc, char **argv) { pid_t child_pid; int child_status; child_pid = fork(); switch (child_pid) { case -1: printf ("error: we can use perror\n"); perror("fork"); exit(1); case 0: printf("hello world\n"); exit(0); default: wait(&child_status); } printf("continueing parent process execution\n"); return 0;
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